Panda Survives Life or Death Surgery


Bei Bei is recovering from crisis surgery at the Smithsonian National Zoo to mitigate an existence jeopardizing blockage of his digestive tract. Representative Pamela Baker-Masson said Bei Bei is cognizant and recuperating at the zoo’s panda office after the Friday morning surgery.

The blockage, which is an uncommon illness for goliath pandas, was a thick mass of incompletely processed bamboo about the extent of a lemon at the highest point of his small digestive tract. Brisk deduction and master mind by zoo staff and volunteer veterinarians likely spared the life of the youthful fledgling, who turned one in August.

On Thursday, Bei Bei was watched acting unusual by dozing more than expected and indicating little enthusiasm for eating. As indicated by zoo authorities, he likewise seemed queasy and retched twice.

After introductory treatment for his sickness, Bei Bei was transported Friday morning to the zoos on location veterinary healing center, where he experienced ultrasound screening by radiologist Elyshia Hankin of the Friendship Hospital for Animals. An endoscopic exam affirmed what the veterinarians suspected: the blockage had enlarged into Bei’s small digestive system and was creating him critical pain that, left unaddressed, was life-debilitating. Veterinary specialist Sebastian Gordon ventured into evacuate the mass. The strategy was finished easily, Baker-Masson said.

As he recoups, Bei Bei will be nourished delicate sustenance, for example, sweet potatoes and pears, before transitioning to his customary eating regimen of bamboo. Bei, who is as yet nursing from his mom, Mei Xiang, had been eating strong nourishments for quite a while, Baker-Masson said, taking note of that while intestinal blockages are an uncommon event they can influence colorful creatures and house pets alike. Until further notice, Bei Bei will be checked by the zoo staff and avoided general visibility. The panda house is incidentally shut, however Bao, Tian and Mei Xiang can be seen from their outside yards.

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