Passenger Kicked Out Of Alaska Airlines Plane After Catcalling Flight Attendant


Often it is common got hear or see a woman being catcalled or spoken to inappropriately in public places, but it is unlikely that they get immediately told off in public.

For a plane filled with Alaskan Airlines passengers earlier this week, a passenger, who had been a male, was requested to leave the plane after he made inappropriate comments towards a female member of the flight staff.

Events That Unfolded:

According to a passenger’s post on Facebook, Amber Nelson wrote that the SeaTac flight attendant who worked for Alaska Airlines had been proceeding with the normal safety demonstrations prior to takeoff when the man yelled out: “Ooh, sexy!”

He had been sitting between two other women, who were evidently uncomfortable-looking, said Nelson.

“Before we could do more than glare in his direction, the flight attendant removed her vest, purposely walked up to him and said, ‘You need to be respectful,’ and started to walk back to her task. He said, ‘C’mon, I’m just playing with you!’”

Then the flight attendant went on to speak with her collegues rather than continue with the safety demonstration.

A new man then got onto the plane and headed towards the passenger.

“The offensive man behind me started saying ‘I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong!’

“The airline employee asked the man to gather his belongings and exit the plane.

Response and Reactions:

“It was everything we could do to keep from applauding as he was led away.”

The post on Facebook has ultimately been commented on, liked, and shared over 24,000 times since it was originally posted early in October.

Alaska Airlines has not yet commented on the incident.