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Phillip Morris, the tobacco giant Offer to buy respiratory drug maker Vectura for £1 billion

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Ventura manufactures inhalers and devices for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, and companies like Novartis and GSK are customers.

The Marlboro cigarette maker increased its offer to £1.65 per share, after Carlille. US private companies that are not listed on the stock exchange Also offered to buy at a price of 958 million pounds on 6 August.

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Ventura is listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have yet to comment on the new price offer. But it commented last week that the company would be in a better position if Carlisle owned it because it had “reported uncertainty” among shareholders when it was known to be possible. that Phillip Morris will take over the company.

Ventura has now agreed to a partnership with Inspira to develop a cure for COVID-19 patients with inhalation. Communicable and respiratory diseases

Phillip Morris said in a statement: intends for Ventura to operate independently. to be the cornerstone for the inhalation therapy business

Ventura makes inhalers and devices for the treatment of respiratory ailments such as asthma.

stop selling cigarettes

The attempt to buy a drug company is the latest move by the tobacco giant. After late July, Phillip Morris said he could stop selling cigarettes in the UK within 10 years and would turn his attention to alternatives, such as tobacco smoked with cigars. heat instead of burning

Phillip Morris has also responded to the government’s ban on smoking, but Action on Smoking and Health, a foundation such as Ash (Action on Smoking and Health), said it was hard to think of this as a serious claim by the government. Companies that sell as many as 1 in 10 cigarettes sold worldwide.

“Phillip Morris can see a world without cigarettes – the sooner this happens. The better it will be for everyone.”

Phillip Morris is finally expected. The UK government will also ban smoking altogether, saying “active rules” are needed to eliminate smoking.

The UK government has previously pledged to eliminate smoking in the UK by 2030 as part of a series of measures to try to eliminate the number of preventable health problems.

Phillip Morris’ chief executive, Yasek Olsack, told The Mail on Sunday: “I want to give this company a chance to step through and ditch the smoking. …I think the UK can solve the problem of smoking. It took the fullest time for 10 years.”

Deborah Arnott, the Ash Foundation executive chairman, said eliminating smoking by 2030 must be a top government priority.

“Last year, smoking was more likely to kill more people in the UK than COVID-19.”

“Phillip Morris’ beautiful words are not the solution. Budget must be allocated to government programs to encourage people to quit smoking. and help support people who want to quit smoking.”

Despite efforts to get people to smoke less, by 2020 about a third of Phillip Morris cigarette sales come from Europe.

in the UK Half of people smoke in the last 35 years, but the UK government’s goal of eliminating smoking by 2030 is challenging. Scotland is targeting 2034, while Wales and Northern Ireland are yet to target.

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