Photoshop software adds an option that facilitates the creation of NFTs

Adobe adds an NFT option to its Photoshop software

In an interview with The Verge, Scott Belsky, Adobe Product Manager, announced the arrival of a dedicated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) option in Photoshop, the popular image editing software. . This feature, still under development, will allow artists to easily export a Photoshop document in the form of an NFT. The option is simply called “prepare as NFT” and is now available in beta.

“When enabled, the feature captures changes and identity information […]. The creator can then attach this information to the image when it is exported. This secure metadata offers new transparency options for creative professionals and occasional artists, ”Adobe explains in a press release published on October 26, 2021.

This new feature of Photoshop aims to ensure the authenticity of a non-fungible token. Photoshop will first allow creators to link their Adobe ID account to their cryptocurrency wallet. In this way, artists will be able to display a certificate proving that the source of the NFT is indeed genuine. Adobe thus wishes to prevent Internet users from transforming content belonging to others into non-fungible tokens.

“We’re working on something called the Content Authenticity Initiative. […] We incorporate it into our products when you hit the NFTs. And then we put it on the blockchain in an open-source way, that is to say without any DRM [Digital Rights Management]. You will be able to see the NFT and not only see who hit it, but also see the attribution for who created it, ”says Scott Belsky.

An individual who copies content to convert it to NFT will not have the certificate that certifies that he is the author on the blockchain. According to Adobe’s product manager, people who invest in non-fungible tokens will naturally turn to works that have a certificate of authenticity.

“It’s like believing news from a Twitter account that has a verification badge or not. Anyone can go on Twitter and say anything from anywhere, but if they don’t have a verification badge, you’re starting to be skeptical, ”says the manager.

Through Photoshop, creators will be able to link information such as their social networks and the address of their digital portfolio to the NFT when it is created. This information helps “assure consumers that you are the creator of your content,” notes Adobe.

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OpenSea, KnownOrigin, Rarible and SuperRare partner with Adobe

Adobe has partnered with OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs. The platform will indicate on each work put on sale if a certificate of authenticity is available. Contacted by the specialized media The Block, OpenSea also announced the arrival of an option that will allow buyers to compare the address of the wallet linked to the NFT with the address of the seller.

“It will be amazing for creators, collectors and buyers to have an extra layer of features that further increase transparency,” said Ryan Foutty, OpenSea vice president of business development, in an interview with The Block.

Adobe has also partnered with several other platforms dedicated to NFTs, namely KnownOrigin, Rarible and SuperRare, to popularize its tool. Unsurprisingly, the information integrated into the work through the blockchain will also be visible on Behance, Adobe’s social network where artists and creators post their creations.

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Adobe ensures that NFTs are a revolution

The Adobe Product Manager strongly believes in the future of NFTs. He does not hesitate to qualify non-fungible tokens as “revolutionary”. With this new feature for Photoshop, the software publisher seeks to accelerate the adoption of non-fungible tokens, the popularity of which has grown steadily during the year.

“I have simply never seen a more stimulating and better designed creativity system than NFTs. You do an NFT and you not only get the primary sale income from it, but you can also, depending on the contract you use, get a percentage on each secondary sale forever, ”enthuses Scott Belsky.

Adobe is far from being the only renowned firm to turn to NFTs. Recently, Reddit launched the development of its own dedicated marketplace for non-fungible tokens. In August, Visa made a splash by acquiring a Cryptopunk for $ 150,000 before launching a non-fungible token education program. Finally, we will also mention the emergence of social networks like TikTok and Twitter.

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