Pictured: Billie Lourd sipping beer and bowling as she prepares for the joint funeral of her mother and grandmother


Heartbroken Billie Lourd has been spotted out in Los Angeles, with friends trying to take her mind of her personal tragedy if only for a few moments. Ms Lourd joined her rumoured boyfriend Taylor Lautner, along with other friends, for a few beers and a bowling session.

The group seemed to have the bowling alley to themselves for their trip on Tuesday. They took part in a bit of bowling before snacking on nachos and chicken fingers, washed down by beer.


The 24 year old actress has been left absolutely devastated after losing her mother Carrie Fisher and her grandmother Debbie Reynolds within a day. However, she has been spotted being consoled and supported by Mr Lautner, 24, as she tries to come to terms with her double loss.


The rumoured couple were seen together last week as she moved some suitcases from her home after her mother’s death. It is thought she may have been going to stay with Mr Lautnor, or relatives, for comfort. However, at about the same time she was pictured, her grandmother, the Singin’ in the Rain star Ms Reynolds suffered a stroke and later died.

Ms Lourd will say goodbye to both major women in her life tomorrow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. The two acting legends will be buried next to each other in a family plot purchased by Ms Reynolds, who was very specific about what she wanted for her funeral arrangements.

It is understood that Ms Lourd will give a heartwrenching eulogy at the private service, which is just for family and close friends. Following this, a public memorial is expected to take place, with actress Meryl Streep due to lead the tributes. Star Wars actress Ms Fisher died after suffering a heart attack on a transatlantic stroke, while Ms Reynolds died after suffering a stroke, saying that she wanted to “be with Carrie”.


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