Police hunting for hit and run driver who mowed down two walkers before burying £100K in a garden


    Police are hunting a hit and run driver who killed two people walking on a country lane, before breaking into a nearby house and burying £100k in the garden.

    The BMW driver moved down two young men, understood to be in their late teens and early twenties, on the country B1091 between Yaxley and Farcet in Cambridgeshire, this morning. The motorist, who police say is in his forties, then ran from the scene and is still at large.

    A short time after the incident, a house a few hundred yards away was broken into. A suitcase, stuffed with £100K in cash was later found to have been buried in the garden. Detectives are now looking into whether the two incidents could be linked.


    Police said they were looking into whether a phone call they received from a householder reported a break in was connected to the hit and run and the discovery of  case with cash inside. An air ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but the two men could not be saved.

    As yet, police have not identified the two men, and officers are understood to be trying to find their next of kin. A police helicopter and a dog unit was dispatched to the scene while officers tried to find the suspect. The road was completely closed while officers continued to investigate.

    The grey BMW estate car could still be seen at the scene of the incident, with its bonnet crumpled from the impact of hitting the two men. A large number of police cars and ambulances could also be seen on the road, while the air ambulance had landed on a nearby field. Police are now urging anyone who has information about either incident, or who knows where the driver could be, to get in touch.


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