President Trump And Saudi King Salman Meet In Riyadh


The first trip abroad for Trump as a president will start with Salman, King of Saudi Arabia. The visit’s purpose is to encourage a stronger relationship with Saudi Arabia in order to fight terrorism while surpassing any controversies between the two countries.

“President Trump understands that America First does not mean America alone,” Trump’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, stated. “Prioritizing American interests means strengthening alliances and partnerships that help us extend our influence and improve the security of the American people.”

A Warm Welcome

Taking the Air Force One, Trump arrived to Riyadh on Saturday amid a warm welcome at the airport along with a military flyover leaving red, white and blue line as the King greeted him and shook his hands.

Once landed, Trump waved from the plane’s doorway and then took down the steps while accompanied by his wife, Melania Trump. Salman, 81, was waiting for him and had a cane for support. Both of them greeted each other’s and Trump told the King how “a great honor” to be in Riyadh.

Trump spent two days in Saudi Arabia where he received the warmest welcome. The roads were full of Billboards with his image as well as his hotel was covered with red, white and blue lights.

Trumps Trip Schedule

Trump will be spending two days at Riyadh then head to Israel where he has a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Afterwards, Trump will travel to Brussels for a NATO conference with allies and then meet with the Group of 7 wealthy states in Sicily.

It is note to worthy that Trump is the very first president to schedule Saudi Arabia or any Muslim country first on his global trip. The president made sure to visit Saudi Arabia first to express his respect to the country following months of anti-Muslim campaign.