President Trump Stands by his Travel Ban


As several legislators as well as protests had expressed their disapproval and anger towards U.S. President Trump’s recently imposed travel ban, the President made a statement in which he denied that such a ban was targeted towards Muslims.

President Trump emphasized on the matter of keeping the United States as a safe zone for terrorists.

In the statement made by the president, he stated that although “America is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those feeling oppression,” he added that it will not come at the expense of the citizens’ safety.

A Free Nation

Trump then added in his statement that the United States will continue to be a free nation and a safe one, but claims that the media has manipulated the matter and doesn’t acknowledge such matters.

According to Trump, the travel ban he has imposed is similar to what was imposed back in 2011 by former President Barack Obama when he not permitted any visas for Iraqi refugees for a duration of at least six months.

Mr. Trump claims that his executive order is not aimed at banning Muslims in particular, adding that the media has been stating inaccurate reports on the matter.

About Terror

“This is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe,” President Trump remarked.

Mr. Trump continues to defend his travel ban by pointing out that in the world there are around 40 nations that have a Muslim majority population, yet none of them were included in the travel ban.

The President assures that within the span of the 90 day ban, the government will have then completed a more advanced security policy that would be executed.

After that, visas will once again be available to those who are from the seven countries that were affected by this matter.