Prince William Quitting His Pilot Career


Prince William has announced that he will be leaving his career as an air ambulance pilot in order to carry out more duties as a member of the Royal Family.

Prince Williams is the second to the throne, following Prince Charles, his father.

William says that after quitting his career, he has still learned things from it that will prove to be of positive use for him as he carries out his duties as a Royal Family member.

Sources stated that as of this upcoming summer, the Prince along with Kate, his wife, and his two young children, Charlotte, 1, and George, 3, would be relocating to the Kensington Palace.

The Royal family currently preside at the Ammer Hall which is situated within the Sandringham estate of the Queen in Norfolk.

Newer Responsibilities

The office of Prince Williams released a statement about the change decided by the Prince. They stated that due to the increased responsibilities that will be asked of Williams, he will be required to spend far more time in London.

The statement added as well that the Prince has been eager to assist in engaging in more official work for Queen Elizabeth along with charities and other causes that they are in complete support of.

A Royal Pilot

Prince Williams had served in the British army throughout the years of 2006 until 2013. In this time frame served as a helicopter pilot for search and rescue operations and missions.

Afterwards he switched his position and employed himself as a pilot for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

As Queen Elizabeth turned 90 years old, several have criticized the Prince for avoiding such responsibilities as a member of the Royal Family.

Williams however says that he was in no way pressured to quit his career, and has been keen on taking on the necessary actions he is asked of to carry out Royal duties.