prison closed for deliberately coughing on food in a supermarket

An American who pleaded guilty to intentionally coughing on food in a supermarket, claiming to be contaminated with Covid-19, was sentenced to at least a year in prison on Tuesday.

In March of last year, amid the outbreak of the pandemic in the United States, the 37-year-old woman coughed and spat on fresh and baked goods from a store in Pennsylvania (northeast), shouting that ‘she has coronavirus and everyone was going to get sick. More than $ 35,000 in food was thrown away as a result of the incident, a store co-owner said, saying he didn’t want to risk the health of customers.

Last June, the respondent pleaded guilty to having also uttered bomb threats. The judge called her conduct “totally outrageous” and sentenced her to one to two years in prison, followed by eight years of probation. She will also have to pay nearly $ 30,000 in compensation.

SL (with MAP)

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