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Prisoner’s Revenge – The Independent Shocking case reports in US prisons When prisoners kill prisoners together When he found out that he had found a person sexually harassing his sister

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Shane Goldsby, 26, has been sentenced to nearly 25 years in prison for the murder of Robert Munger, 70, who sexually abused Mr Goldsby’s sister. which is a minor several times

Prisoner's revenge

Robert Munger and Mr Shane Goldsby / The Independent

Mr Goldsby said in an interview with the KHQ website last year that He asked to move to a new prison. but never moved Until I met Mr Munger at the Airway Heights Correctional Facility in Spokane County in eastern Washington state and had a chance to talk.

Mr Munger detailed every step of the attack on his sister, what happened and what he did, and said there were pictures and videos of him and his victims and was sentenced to 43 years in prison seven months ago. Child abuse and possession of child pornography

Mr Robert Munger

After several hours Mr Goldsby stalked Mr Munger into the central area and knocked him to the ground, stomping his head over and over again. A Washington State Police patrol investigator said Munger died at the hospital several days later.

Goldsby was convicted of deliberate but unintentional manslaughter, serving a sentence of 298 months, or nearly 25 years, during his testimony last week.

Mr Goldsby’s lawyers read a statement on behalf of the client saying: ashamed of his own actions and apologized to the family of the deceased After being relegated to a situation where no one wants to be there and will have to fix many more

Prisoner's revenge

Mr. Goldsby

The question that arose: Why was Mr Goldsby incarcerated in the same prison as the man who raped his sister? While the Washington Department of Corrections Policy Department has pointed out that prisoners who may be aggressors or victims of aggressors or pose a threat to order execution within the prison are not kept close together.

Mr Goldsby once told the KHQ media that Corrections officers were sent to this prison because they had embarrassed the police for their high speed driving. He was hunted and arrested in August 2017. He then attacked a Washington State trooper after he hit his car first.

As for being incarcerated in the same prison as the person who abused her sister. Mr Goldsby said that was unlikely. It’s like winning the jackpot 7 times in a casino.

The Washington State Police patrol investigators said: Procedures were taken and there was no evidence that prison screeners were aware of the conflict between the two. One reason was that Mr Goldsby and his sister did not share the same last name.

Fellow inmate Randy Robinson told investigators that the two had heard of Goldsby’s mother and sounded friendly. But after several hours Mr Goldsby attacked Mr Munger in a common area. Mr Munger fell His head hit a steel chair and fell unconscious on the ground after being punched 14 times and kicked by Mr Goldsbeach, before stomping his head several more times.

Aug. 2020, Mike Padden, Washington State Senator. Republicans have called for an investigation into how the two prisoners were in the same prison. Mr Munger had said that he might end his life in prison. but never thought that he would die like this


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