Professional tennis player Naomi Osaka takes an interest in cryptocurrencies and launches NFTs

An interest in Dogecoin (DOGE)

In an interview with Bloomberg media outlet, professional tennis player Naomi Osaka revealed her interest in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The famous player is exploring the cryptocurrency sector to possibly diversify her investments. This attraction for this sector came after noticing the craze around Dogecoin (DOGE) on social networks.

“I know everything is getting bigger online. I remember reading something about Dogecoin on Twitter, and talking about cryptocurrency with my agent. Something new and interesting is going to happen in this industry, ”said Naomi Osaka.

In addition to her new interest in cryptocurrencies, the tenniswoman is not at her first attempt in this ecosystem. Indeed, the latter has already illustrated itself by launching NFTs last April.

In partnership with his sister, the collection of NFTs was able to bring in nearly $ 600,000 for the benefit of his foundation “Play Academy”. In fact, one of these “Finding What Was Lost” NFTs is selling for nearly $ 200,000 on the secondary market.

After this first experience, Naomi Osaka decided to launch a second collection of digital assets at the end of August on the platform of NFTs (one of the co-founders of which is none other than the player of the National Football League (NFL) Tom Brady).

The tenniswoman is not the only sportswoman to have launched NFTs. Indeed, in the world of tennis, the platform of the artist Beeple WeNew had proposed to launch a collection around Andy Murray and Wimbledon.

Finally, on the football side, we can mention Lionel Messi, who has also created his own NFTs to pay tribute to his career, and the Brazilian player Ronaldinho who has followed the trend to also represent the historic moments of his career.

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