Protestors Offered $2,500 to Disrupt Trump’s Inauguration


Advertisements from over 20 cities throughout the United States have just struck up an offer of $2,500 monthly for protestors to attend President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration in order to create distress throughout the entire process.

One such company, called Demand Protest posted an advertisement on January 12th in several cities throughout the U.S. in an attempt to assemble together what they called “operatives.”

The ad displayed by Demand Protest stated in a clear and concise manner to “Get paid fighting against Trump!”

The ad continued by saying that they are simply offering payments to those who are somewhat politically active in order to go out and fight for their causes. Then stating that they are looking for operatives to carry out and make a clear message at Donald Trump’s inaugural events.

A Good Job

The job seems to actually offer quite a bit more than just money. First off, the $2,500 plus salary, along with $50 per hour at any event the protestors attend, given that you attend minimum six different events throughout the year.

Second of all, those who participate will also be receiving eye, dental and health insurance for those who join in as a full time job.

Donald Trump has previously mentioned the prospect of those protestors who get paid to stir up a conflict, although apparently no one seems to be talking about this matter.

Pay or No Pay

However, a column that was published in the Washington Post back in November stated that those who are protesting against Mr. Trump are doing so not out of any reason, including payments, except for the simple fact of their worries regarding the policies he plans to implement.

Turns out that also in November a man named Paul Horner, who runs several false news sites had been the one to spread around the false news claiming that each and every person protesting against Donald Trump had been paid a budget of $3,500.