Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Fall Ill Just Before Christmas


Queen Elizabeth, 90, has just canceled her trip to Sandringham for the upcoming Christmas holidays due to an intense flu that she and Prince Philip, 95, have apparently been struck with.

The trip to Sandringham is a yearly tradition that the Queen performs, and as the Queen and Prince Philip were expected to board a train that would take them to King’s Lynn, the trip was cancelled about half an hour prior to reaching the train station.

The photographers that had been sent to capture their arrival were notified upon the cancellation that the trip will no longer be happening as of this moment.

Prince Philips stated about a month ago that he had not fallen ill with the flu for over 40 years now as he visited the Francis Crick Institute situated in London.

Four Decades without Sickness?

Prince Philips approached Dr. Yi Pu Link, an expert from the biomedical research center, and talked with Dr. Link asking him whether or not it is possible for any individual to develop a permanent lasting type of immunity or fierce resistance of some sort for having the flu, adding a question at the end in which he inquired about why it is he had not fallen ill with the flue for over four decades.

The Yearly Tradition

The Royal Family meets up with the Queen yearly for the Christmas holidays at Sandringham situated in Norfolk of England. Usually at early morning on Christmas day, the entire Royal Family head to attend the Christmas ceremonies and services that take place at the St. Mary Magdalene Church.

People ranging within the hundreds assemble on this day to witness the Royal Family make their way onto the church.

Once the church services have been completed, the Royal Family returns to their Sandringham estate for a Christmas lunch and to indulge in other Christmas celebrations.

The Queen’s public Christmas speech will proceed as planned next Sunday.