Recent study shows dating websites cannot predict perfect match


Scientists say dating sites claim to find the soul mate, but they actually provide its users with the desirable match. The researchers found that artificial intelligence plays a large role in making this work.

According to the scientists, it was not hard to predict the general tendency of someone being liked or loving another person by mere computer analysis, but not exactly two individuals who are the perfect match.

University of Utah’s professor, Samantha Joel, said they it was inaccurate to anticipate how much different persons will desire each other extremely in a speed-dating scenario. Joel shared her though, saying that it may be impossible to get zero if there are 100 predictors because some the variance will be predicted.

Researchers said it would be a big step and a great one for people to just input some details into a computer system and get their ideal soul mate. Joel said there’s a quick route to finding a perfect match because a little change in input can give you another person as a good match.

Limitations of dating sites

Joel pointed out that online dating websites hardly allow users to meet people and know what they feel about them, though they search easier by bringing people with the same prospect together.

The researchers had to analyze the data from two-speed daters who answered questionnaires that required knowing about 100 qualities and choices and then got involved in a batch of four-minute dates. The participants had to rate their interaction and pointed out their level of sexual attraction and interest about each person.

The researchers analyzed the interaction and attraction to find out if it was easy to predict romantic desires of each participant from their questionnaire, and even before they met. Obviously, they found it possible to foretell the tendency for one to like and be cherished by others and not those who were the perfect match.