Reminiscing the past blood 8888 Myanmar people gather Currently still threatening the coup – fresh news

8888 – Reuters reported that on August 8, on the anniversary of the bloody crackdown on the people 33 years ago by the Burmese junta, Burmese residents have taken to protesting the coup again in various areas. Throughout the country, as well as reminiscing the past event, known as the 8888 incident on the 8th of the 8th month of 1988, which is estimated to have killed about 3,000 people from that crackdown

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Reminiscing the past blood 8888

8888 remembrance rally photo twitter Matthew Tostevin @TostevinM / Reuters Asean News Agency

At least six such memorial events were broadcast live on Facebook, such as in Wundwin, Mandalay, where protesters chanted, “Old debt from 88, we have to settle it. Expires in 2021” in Myeong area A protester holds a sign that reads: Struggling together towards the liberation of the people, the unfinished 8888 generation.

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On the same day, Mrs. Linda Thomas Greenfield, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Condemn the plot to assassinate Yew Motun, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations. Representative of the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar's ambassador to the UN vows to fight

Ambassador Jor Mo Tun

The US ambassador said The assassination plot was consistent with the harassment style of the authoritarian government and its supporters seeking persecution and repression. Oppress the opposition, regardless of journalists. activists and others around the world who dare to speak up or take a stand against authoritarian governments

For the case of plotting the assassination of the ambassador U.S. prosecutors have arrested two Myanmar nationals Pyo Hen Tut, 20, and Ye Hen Saw, 28, in New York City. On the base of conspiring to murder or attack Myanmar’s ambassador, Mo Tun, the two accused of plotting with an arms dealer in Thailand. who is also selling weapons to the Myanmar Army


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