Research in Qatar: Moderna offers better protection against Delta strains than Pfizer

A study in Qatar showed that Moderna was better at protecting against Delta strain than Pfizer, with a difference of only 10 per cent being more effective at reducing critical illness.

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On August 11 Research has been published in which experts have compared studies. The difference between mRNA vaccines is ‘Pfizer and Moderna’ on delta strains. in Qatar from a population of more than 1.4 million

By collecting data for all ages, males and females. From December 1, 63 – July 21, 64, of which 9.06 hundred thousand people have received the vaccine from Pfizer, 877 thousand people have completed 2 doses, or 96.83%, while there are people who have received Moderna. went to 4.91 hundred thousand people, received 2 doses, 4.09 hundred thousand people, or equivalent to 83.34%

Moderna may be superior to Pfizer against delta variant — breakthrough odds rise with time.

found that the efficacy of the vaccine against Asymptomatic protection against delta coronavirus, compared with no vaccine, was 64.2 percent, with one dose of Pfizer, while two doses of Pfizer were found to be effective. Delta infections dropped to 53.5%.

In the case of Modena, one dose was 79.0%, while Modena two doses increased to 84.8% in the prevention of delta infection. Prevention of delta infections Asymptomatic, two doses of Pfizer dropped to 35.9% and Modena at 80.2%.

may be a picture of  the message says "Table 3.Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccines against the Delta variant ২14 days after the first dose and ২14 days after the second dose.  Effectiveness against infection second (PCR-positive) Vaccinated Unvaccinated mRNA-1273 PCR-negative) Vaccinated nvaccinated Effectiveness 1,602 52 (95%CI) mRNA-1273 1,629 1,569 second dose 31 PC-positive) acina Unvaccinated 64.2 severity, BNT16262 1,700 196,589 and fatality+ (PCR-negative) Vaccinated Unvaccinated 1,621 1,635 Effectiveness (95%CI)+ 22 (58.9-90.1) 397 49 1,644 4 (52.7-80.1 mRNA-1273 231 135 50 53.5 1,433 1,531 45 1,728 5 466 100.08 (8.2-100.0) ) 45 1,493 (75.9-90.8) 3 0 54 28.1-100.0) 20 (48.9-64.1) 37 35 (41.2-100.0)"

In terms of morbidity reduction numbers, trials with both mRNA vaccines were found to be effective in reducing morbidity for both mRNA vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna The difference is about 10%, at 89.7% for Pfizer and 100% for Moderna.

which assumes that both are in very good level It is highly effective in preventing hospitalization and death of the delta species. But the prevention of infection is less. for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

and within the research also found that People who received just one dose of Pfizer were more protected against infection. People who received 2 doses because of the misconception that if the vaccine is complete Will be safe, not infected, causing the card to fall and being less careful

Vaccines Vs Variants: Three Studies Provide New Insight

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