Retail giant Walmart seeks cryptocurrency expert

A cryptocurrency job posting at Walmart

Walmart, a transnational American company specializing in mass distribution, is looking for a product manager dedicated to cryptocurrencies, according to a job posting posted on LinkedIn.

The announcement says the company is “looking for a visionary leader” to fill the role of Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency Product Manager. This person will be responsible for developing a crypto strategy for the entire group. We can read in the announcement:

“You will be responsible for developing the digital currency product strategy and roadmap. “

The candidate will also have to identify investments and partnerships related to cryptocurrencies. The ad does not specify what types of product or service the person will need to launch.

The job posting was published weeks after rumors circulated that Amazon was set to make a big splash in the cryptocurrency market. Amazon had posted its own job offer for a product manager specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Not a first for Walmart

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Walmart taking an interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In 2019, Walmart China partnered with VeChain (VET) to enable tracking of certain foods and drugs throughout their supply chain.

The supermarket giant is also part of the Hyperledger project, an open source project that aims to promote blockchain technology within businesses. IOHK, the company in charge of the development of Cardano (ADA) is notably a member of the Hyperledger association.

Finally, Walmart has also filed a patent for a dollar-indexed stablecoin. However, this patent was never implemented.

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