Revealed: George Michael’s incredible acts of charity


Since news of his death on Christmas Day shocked the world, tributes have poured in for singing superstar George Michael, including details of his amazingly charitable acts.

The Wham! star died at home from suspected heart failure at around 2pm yesterday. Since then, a number of people have come forward to reveal how he handed over large sums of cash to individuals and worthy causes.

George is well known for raising money for charities through concerts and donations. It is thought that he may have left money to charity, and others who could be entitlted to part of his £100 million estate could be his father Kyriacos, his elder sisters Melanie and Yioda and perhaps former boyfriends.

It has emerged that he once gave £15,000 to a woman he saw on the TV show Deal Or No Deal after she said that she was trying to win money to pay for IVF treatment. Dame Esther Rantzen, the founder and president of Childline, also said that the generous star had given royalties from his 1996 number one song Jesus To A Child to the charity, which provides somewhere to turn for children in need of help.


Meanwhile, a journalist has revealed on social media that George handed over a £5,000 tip to a barmaid when he found out that she was a student nurse who had large debts to pay off. Another person revealed that George had once worked anonymously at a homeless shelter.

His death has shocked the world, though neighbours in Oxfordshire said he had been living an increasingly reclusive existence, and the star had not been seen in public since September. When spotted dining at a restaurant, he looked tired and overweight.

George’s former manager says that he died as a result of heart failure, although police say they are currently treating the death as unexplained, but not suspicious. Fans have been flocking to his homes in Oxfordshire and in north London to pay tribute to their idol.

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