Roland Yearwood, 50, Dies Near Mount Everest Peak While Fellow Climber Goes Missing


An American climber died nearby Mount Everest’s peak whilst an Indian climber fell sick and goes missing. Both climbers were on their way down after a successful ascent.

Roland Yearwood

The American climber is named Roland Yearwood. He is 50 years old and born in Georgiana, Alabama. Yearwood died on Sunday.

Yearwood is the third person to die on Mount Everest this season. It is worth noting that this period is a spring climbing season which started in March and will end this month.

The Nepalese tourism division published 371 permits in 2017 to people to measure the mountain. Many climbers couldn’t climb the mountain in 2014 and 2015, that’s why this year, the climbers’ numbers increased.

In 2014, an avalanche killed 16 Sherpa guides at the Khumbu icefall.

In 2015, a huge earthquake caused an avalanche that resulted in the death of 19 climbers and injured 61 persons at the base camp.

The Indian climber who was injured is called Ravi Kamar. He was sick and fell on his way down from the peak on Saturday. Unfortunately, he didn’t reach any camp. On the other hand, Nepalese Sherpa guide was accompanying him made it to a nearby camp.

The guide, too, fell sick, but he fought and dragged himself to the South Col camp situated at 8,000 meters.

Rescue Team

In an attempt to find Kamar, there is a rescue team composed of three Sherpas who took a helicopter and flew to Camp 2, the place where they were ascending the mountain. The rescue team is doing its best to help looking for and finding the missing climber.

At around 1.30pm, Kamar Along with his guide, reached the 8,850 meter summit on Saturday. They were late and not many climbers were present at the time.