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Russia-China joint military exercises Targets against Central Asia sabotage

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Russia-China joint military exercises – Aug. 2, the South China Morning Post reported. Russian and Chinese armed forces to launch five-day joint military exercises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. in the northwest of China with a focus on anti-terrorism missions

The joint exercises will involve more than 10,000 soldiers from both nations. Zapad/Interaction 2021 marks the first joint military exercises hosted by China since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The joint rehearsal has also been watched by experts from around the world. Because it happened during both Russia and China. are having strained relations with the United States and the West But Chinese security experts denied it was intended to show resistance to the United States. and allied nations

Zhou Chenming, an expert from the Yuanwang Institute of Security Science and Technology in Beijing, said the joint drills were aimed at stabilization and security in the Central Asia region. after the US Army And the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, withdrew its forces from the Afghanistan landscape for the first time in 20 years.

Zhou said the exercises would primarily be based on ground forces. and is not a threat to the entire United States. and western nations Those who may feel anxious about the Russian and Chinese missile armies, which the two sides have never held jointly in military exercises. Because no party wants to share confidential information with each other.

The CCTV news agency in China reported that The Russian Air Force has sent five Su-30 fighter jets to participate in the exercises. But Mr. Zhou saw that It is not used as a main force and is not the latest Russian Su-57.

Former Taiwan Navy Instructor Lu Lichi said the Chinese military could benefit from joint training exercises. Because they can learn from the experience of the battle of the Russian army. The two armies are already similar in terms of strategy and equipment. very different from western nations

The Russian army may also draw on the experience gained from the drone strike operations in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. (Armenian-Azerbaijan War) to share with China.

An internal source from the Chinese military said the joint military exercises between Russia and China were operations. First Zapad/Interaction and will use the area of ​​Qingtongxia Military Base at Ningxia Hui District.

“The first will be held in Xinjiang Province because of its proximity to Central Asia. But there was no need for this maneuver, such as too little space. therefore consider using the Jurihe base in Inner Mongolia But there was busy due to local military exercises,” the source said.

Wu Qian, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, said the purpose of the operation Zapad/Interaction 2021 is to deepen cooperation. maintain peace and stability in the region The Western Chinese Army participated in the exercises with the Russian Eastern Army.

Wu said the Zapad/Interaction 2021 will consist of fighter jets, artillery and armored combat units. including patrol units remote alarm system rehearsal as well as electronic and cyber warfare, as well as joint attack operations.

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