Samsung Electronics is hoping to launch a foldable galaxy note in 2018: Company’s mobile boss


The South Korean tech firm is underway of getting over hitches to incorporate a foldable feature in one of its Galaxy Note series. This was disclosed by the president of Samsung Mobile, DJ Koh, at a media event for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea.

Koh pointed out that the phone will be launched when ready, he added that the firm wouldn’t want to sell some of the phones, rather sell when its mass-ready. Also, the phone will launch when it has reached a certain technological level where the masses will appreciate it.

No exact time of launch

Rumors suggest the tech giant will launch a new phone with a bendable display, but such idea is yet to materialize. Last year, it was reported that the firm would unveil its bendable screen products at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, but it was not seen during the program.
Koh said the company was very interested in making foldable phones but requires more time to make meaningful innovation and easy-to-use product.

The firm’s screen-making affiliate, Samsung Display, showcased OLED displays with bendable features earlier this year. Samsung Display is a major screen supplier to Apple. The alleged iPhone X to be unveiled on Tuesday features a display from this firm.

Koh said preorders for the Galaxy Note 8 in the first five days in South Korea showed about 2.5 times greater that of Galaxy Note 7 when it was launched. The Galaxy Note 8 got 395,000 pre orders just on its first day.

Koh added that the company was poised to gain the interest of developers for Bixby, its voice assistant at the forthcoming Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco, which will hold on October. Samsung Electronics hopes to release an SDK at the event that will hold on October to expand its third party interest.