San Jose Serial Cat Killer Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison


San Jose serial cat killer was sentenced and will live out the maximum sentence of 16 years in jail. The serial killer who pleaded guilty used to torture and dismember neighbourhood cats, street and domestic alike.

Guilty Plea

26-year-old Robert Farmer, pleaded guilty in October to 21 counts of animal cruelty. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Sharon Chatman passed the strictest sentence she could, however she did not impose that he must register as a sex offender as the prosecutors had requested.

The owners of the cats and the prosecutors claimed that Farmer had also sexually abused one of the dead cats however the judge rejected the argument as there was no proof.

As animal after animal disappeared in the Cambrian Park neighbourhood, cat owners were terrorized for months. They were forced to keep their outdoor cats inside for fear of their safety. Police say that up to 16 cats were slain, however only 4 bodies were found.

Gayle Goodson, owner of three cats and a self-described feline lover, said that the courtroom was packed. Goodson said there were tears pouring as owners talked about “their beloved cats and what they meant to them.” Goodson also said there was a collective “big sigh of relief” when Farmer was sentenced.

“We are disappointed that the judge did not” require Farmer to register as a sex offender, Goodson said, “but we understand her reasoning, though we may not necessarily agree with it.”

However, when Farmer is released he will have to register for probation until the terms of his sentence are satisfied. The conditions include staying away from Cambrian Park, not owning or caring for any animals for at least 10 years and undergoing mandatory psychological treatment.

His attorney Wesley Schroeder said his client could be released in as little as 4 1/2 years.

“Mental Health”

The attorney argued during the trial that Farmer had lived with countless mental health issues for years, that had gone untreated not counting his methamphetamine addiction. He claimed that the although that’s not an excuse, but his addiction accelerated his problems which resulted in him harming the cats.

“The underlying problem was that the match had already been lit, but the meth just made it more extensive,” Schroeder said. He said Farmer was stuck in a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation.”