Scientists reveal evidence of a new type of black hole hidden in our galaxy


Scientists knew for a while that there were large and small black holes. The largest and most massive black holes are in the centre of the galaxy, and the small black holes result from the collapse of giant stars. But if there are big black holes and ones, is there anything between them?

Researchers have long assumed this, but lack the evidence

Well, the team led by Tomoharu Oka from Keio University in Japan thinks he has found some solid evidence to ensure the theory that the middle black hole really depends on his own galaxy home.

A glass like cloud discovered by researchers

Research, published in nature, was caused by observation with a 45-meter Nootothama telescope in Japan. Researchers discovered what looked like a big gas cloud that was strange within the Milky Way. The gas spaces were moving very fast, and they showed that there was an extremely massive facility nearby. The team then contracted the help of the Great Matrix Millimetres, which helped to add details about their previous observations.

Advanced computer models of gas cloud continue to fulfil the hypothesis that the middle black hole lies near the center of our galaxy. Radio similar to but weaker than those produced by the super-massive black hole that is located in the center of the Milky Way are also recognized by places where massive objects are thought to be further supporting the theory.

But if there really is a big black hole (but not super massive) that is hidden in our galaxy, it has to come somewhere. The discovery where it was made was much harder, but the team believed it could be the core of the dwarf galaxy that the Milky Way swallowed in its history. This “galactic cannibalism” would help explain the growth of large galaxies, though it should support more research.