Scott Disick Kissed Kourtney Kardashain Before Sneaking Random Girl into Hotel Room During Family Trip


On last Sunday’s showing of popular hit TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the extended family took a trip to Central America.

The episode originally picked up as Kim Kardashian West yelled at Scott Disick after she discovere he was concealing a “tramp in his room”. However, the anger was not longlasting as Kim later departed from the hotel and went off to enjoy Dubai along with friends.

Once she got the opportunity to speak to Disick about her issue, the two were then able to conduct a calm and civil conversation.


“I hate confrontation,” Kim said to him. “I don’t know … I don’t want to be in middle of it. And I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell Kourtney.”

“She never gives me a pat on the pack for anything,” replied Disick. “The only time I hear from her is because of something bad I did.”

After she left Dubai, the star, Kim, along with her family flew off for their trip to the island of Costa Rica, Disick included.

“He seemed really excited to plan activities for the kids,” said Kourney during her own sit-down session. “He’s fine to come along.”

Disick did not stay in their same familly villa, but rather in a hotel nearby. It did not prevent him from attempting to hit on Kourtney, even going so far as to jump into her bed and attempt to kiss her.

Kourtney did not necessarily deny him, and led him to continue their flirtation as Kim and Khloe were nearby, seemingly disgusted.

Later on, Kourtney and Disick decided that they would take all of their children to the nearby dinosaur park.

“No matter what is going on with me and Scott, having him there with me and the kids having these memories is really important to me,” said Kourtney in a sit-down session.


Later, after arriving home, Disick gave Kourtney a kiss and stated, “I love you.”

Moments after, Kim told Khloé that their sister’s ex flew some girl to be with him in Costa Rica.

“I don’t believe it. I’m in shock! Who the f— does something like this,” said Khloé. “You were just downstairs trying to makeout with Kourt. How dare you.”

After Kourtney enters, both girls revealed what he was doing.

“Scott and I are living our own lives, but we’re here with our kids,” said Kourtney. “We’re here to just be a family and I don’t understand why he would even think to invite somebody. It’s hurtful and disrespectful.”