Seattle Man Murders HIs Wife After Drunken Fight In Uber


Cameron Espitia, 31, shot and killed Jennifer Espitia, 29, after a drunken fight in their Uber car

Cameron Espitia, 31, claimed to police he had no memory of the incidents of early Sunday morning. Espitia is being investigated for the homicide of his wife, 29-year-old Jennifer Espitia, and is currently being held on $3 million bail.

The Uber driver stated to police he picked up the couple shortly after midnight, and that Mrs. Espitia sat in the passenger’s seat and Mr. Espitia sat in the back.

The driver stated that the couple began to argue, and Mr. Espitia began repeatedly cursing at his wife. A that point, the driver heard a “boom” that he initially thought was a burst tire, but then realized Mrs. Espitia had been shot in the head.

Cameron Espitia demanded the driver continue driving, directing him to pull over a short time after. The driver proceeded to call the police as soon as Espitia exited the vehicle, his wife unconscious and bleeding in the passenger’s seat.

Espitia was found near the parked Uber car with a small pistol in an ankle holster.

Mrs. Espitia was taken to a Seattle hospital, where she died of her wound.

Cameron Espitia claims he had only a “faint recollection” of being in the vehicle

Although Espitia admitted that he had been drinking and had been having a “hard time” with his wife, he told police he had no concrete memories of the evening.

Espitia said that he woke up in the bushes by the side of the road, and did not know where he was. He later stated to police that he had a “faint recollection” of being in the vehicle.

Espitia’s wife had won a community service award for her work at Planned Parenthood. She also worked at a day care center and volunteered building homes in Mexico.

Espitia himself had been a U.S. Coast Guard employee.