Serena Would Be Ranked 700 If She Played With Men – John McEnroe


Former Grand Slam winner John McEnroe believes Serena Williams would probably be ranked as the 700 best players in the world if she played in the men’s category.

John McEnroe who is currently ranked on 701 believes he would beat Serena if he was pitted against her.
John made the assertion in a radio interview stating that Serena will be ranked 700 if she played on the men’s circuit.

“I respect her as a player and I think that she is incredible on the court, and I know that anything is possible; we could probably get to a time when women players can match their male counterparts.

But added; “It’s no different in any sport and I stand to be corrected because I am not sure a female can match a male tennis player. If she participated in the men’s game, it would totally different.”

“She is having a baby and I’m not.”

John McEnroe was misunderstood

John McEnroe received a lot of criticism for his comment but was backed by Dmitry Tursunov who is currently ranked 701st in the men’s circuit.
I don’t think he was talking down about women’s tennis but he was just stating the obvious facts that male players are stronger than women”

“I do hope that I can win if I play against Serena. He said
“We could say the same thing about track and field. Who runs faster between a male and a female sprinter? Your guess is as good as mine.

“I have not heard what John said but he has always been straight so I’m sure he is being misunderstood by the press. Because he knows the game and his opinion about Serena is right because she is a woman and not as strong as male players.