Shocked by a bird accident Mother falls on baby Aussies flock to donate 4 million

Heartbreaking, bird hovering accident – Australia’s Nine News website Shocking news reports from the accident that a magpie swooped on the mother of a young child In the middle of Brisbane City Park Queensland south australia causing the mother to lose control and fall on top of the baby and die that people have already donated more than $120,000 to the family, or nearly 4 million baht.


Victim girl named Mia, only 5 months old, was involved in an accident with her mother. On Sunday, Aug. 8, a fall caused the little girl to be severely injured and died in the hospital.

This unexpected death touched the hearts of people across the country. including people who know news in different countries As a result, at least 2,500 people can donate to this family through the Go Fund Me website, up to 3.8 million baht on August 11th.

Little Mia / Go Fund Me

Ms Simone Francis and Mr. Jacob Power Parents Thank you to all donors. and that the proceeds will be used to organize the funeral for the baby

“The kindness of everyone towards Mia. And the children’s parents have passed on the hopes and expectations we have very much. I want to thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.”

Shocked by a bird accident

scene park

Brisbane City Council said It launched an urgent investigation into the shock to prevent a repeat of the incident. And this preliminary has caught and moved the bird causing the incident.

“This incident shocked the entire city. It’s something we never thought could happen before. And it’s an unpredictable situation,” Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schriner said.

Shocked by a bird accident

Little Mia / Go Fund Me

However, residents near Glidermann Park And Holland Park said the magpie caused a tragic accident as a hidden threat. and the villagers had already informed the city council that Birds like to swoop at them with aggression.

“The magpie here is constantly hovering at everyone. both children and adults.” A male villager gave an interview to Nine News.

Magpie / Guardian

The community’s Magpie Alert website says 1,231 magpies hit people in Queensland in 2020, including Australia. There are thousands more. One in 10 bird attackers were injured.


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