Sick paedophile hid girl in hole behind his fridge so police couldn’t find her


    A twisted child abuser created a “hidey hole” at his house to hide a girl he was abusing. Fifty seven year old Michael Dunn, from Redcar in Teesside knocked a hole into the wall behind his fridge so he could hide the child from police.

    Police attended his address eight or nine times, but he hid the girl in the cavity, using a panel and a bag of dust to disguise the hole. The paedophile has now been found guilty of carrying out 10 rapes, as well as of three charges of indecent assault, and false imprisonment.

    Teesside Crown Court heard that Dunn was a paranoid, controlling and short tempered individual who had abused four different victims over a number of decades. The girl he was hiding had already suffered sexual abuse at the hands of another man. Dunn also sexually and physically assaulted her, beating her when she attempted to escape.

    Awaiting sentence

    However, it is now Dunn who is in custody. He is facing a lengthy jail term when he is brought back to court to be sentenced.

    The girl even attempted to kill herself because of the terrible abuse she had suffered. Dunn’s abuse was only discovered when she plucked up the courage to go to police as an adult, in 2014. He also held a second girl victim, and filled his home with cameras, locks and alarms so that she could not get out.

    The twisted individual groomed and sexually abused another girl, as well and raped another girl, who was pre-teen. After raping her, he told her that it was something boyfriends and girlfriends did. The court heard that all of the young women had been deeply affected by the ordeal they had suffered. Detective sergeant Dave Pettrick of Cleveland Police said he hoped the guilty verdict would bring the victims some comfort.

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