Sir Ivor Roberts Applies For Irish Citizenship Due To Brexit Situation


Former Ambassador of Ireland is getting the Irish citizenship because of Brexit, the UK plan to withdraw from the European Union. 

Sir Ivor Roberts was the Former Ambassador to the UK, an ex-diplomat and currently the President of Trinity College in Oxford. The Former Ambassador is now applying for the citizenship and in the process of filing formal papers. Roberts explained that he wants to retain his EU citizenship.

Dual Nationality

Being the son of an Irish father who was born in Northern Ireland, Roberts then is allowed to have both the UK and the Irish nationality.

So, some may question why would he apply for the Irish citizenship. In an attempt to explain the reason to the Irish Times, Roberts said that Brexit is the main cause because he owns a house in Italy.

“I don’t want to find myself queuing to get through Rome airport every time I go there,” Roberts said.

Roberts had always maintained a close relationship with Ireland. “I’ve always had a soft spot for Ireland though not everyone in Iveagh House [Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs] may agree with that,” he said.


Encouraged by his three children who also applied for the Irish citizenship, Sir Ivor Roberts’s family is not the only case.

The percentage of people from Great Britain and Northern Ireland, applying for the Irish citizenship, is drastically increasing. In the first quarter of 2017, the percentage increased by 69 compared to 2016.

As many people are still applying, the Irish foreign ministry got more than 50 000 applications from the UK.

This number has increased from 30 000 applications last year. To keep up with the number of the applications, it is said that hiring extra people is a high possibility.