Six Day Strikes Initiated by Cabin Crew of British Airways


Cabin crew members who receive a low pay from British Airways have initiated their long anticipated six days of strikes.

Employees from the mixed fleet had been said to conduct a walk out for the majority of the week starting from Sunday due to what the union had referred to as ‘poverty pay.’

However, the BA airlines expects nonetheless that most of the over 2,900 cabin crew members in the strikes will end up carrying out their tasks at work.

The airlines has also threatened to remove over two years of bonus pay for those participating in the strike as well as abolishing their discounts for travelling for the upcoming year.

‘Poverty Pay’

The cabin crew within the mixed fleet are said to receive a standard salary of around £12,000.

However, the majority usually receive a minimum salary of £21,000 with the bonuses and flying time added to the matter.

Unite predicts that the increased sanctions imposed by BA would cost those involved in the strikes £850 each on average.

BA has declared that all travelers should be able to reach their desired destination. Airlines such as Titan as well as Thomson as well as their crew members were hired in order to carry out some of the services for the sake of BA.

Show Some Appreciation

Over 68 cancellation of flights have resulted from the last two walkouts in five days, the airlines reported.

Oliver Richardson, the national officer for Unite has expressed the courage and determination the strikers were demonstrating as they decided enough is enough.

Mr. Richardson went on and added that instead of BA declaring more threats towards their employees and wasting far more money hiring additional crew members to carry out their operations, BA should start showing more appreciation to their crew.

It is thanks to them Mr. Richardson goes on that profits in the billions have been made for the airlines.