So sad! ‘Lightning’ aboard the groom While crossing to the bride’s wedding, 17 people died immediately.

So sad! Lightning Groom’s Boat While crossing to the bride’s wedding, 17 people were killed immediately, dozens more injured. Experts say deforestation is behind the increasing number of lightning strikes.

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Such a tragedy happened at the wedding. While the bridegroom’s wedding procession to head to the bride’s house was struck by lightning while the ship was docked. And found that at least 17 people died after being struck by lightning. while about 14 others, including the groom injured

According to the police in Chibbgunj, north west of Bangladesh It has been revealed that the groom’s ship was struck by lightning as it arrived at the port in Shibganj. and relatives including the groom’s party getting off the boat to the bride’s house causing death and injured until having to be taken to the hospital

Seventeen die when lightning strikes wedding party in Bangladesh

Every year in Bangladesh, people die from lightning strikes. Hundreds of people a year Over the period from 2011 to 2020, more than 2,164 people have died, resulting in Bangladesh declaring lightning a natural disaster in 2016.

This is coupled with floods, cyclones and storm surges, earthquakes, droughts and riverbank erosion. by just one month of that year More than 200 Bangladeshis were killed by lightning, with 82 dead in a single day.

However, the family of the deceased caused by the lightning Compensation between 7,500 and 25,000 Dhaka can be claimed from the state, with experts pointing to the increase in deforestation in the region as the main reason behind the rising number of lightning strikes.

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