Social Tensions Rise In The U.S As Hate Crimes Continue


The polarization of the United States of America has been expanding to encompass a magnitude of social tension between a variety of different communal factions, leading to the revival of the racial movements that advocate supremacy and discrimination.

The surge of radical entities has taken over the public platform and has caused a tremendous amount of hate crime across the nation, bringing back buried ideologies that were supposed to go extinct since decades.

The de-facto catalyzer of this social phenomenon is the newly elected head of state that has been inflaming since his presidential campaign the extreme right wing rhetoric, labeling them as “Patriotic”.

Black discrimination

The F.B.I has been investigating and assisting the American University in Washington, D.C to find the perpetrators of a hate crime on the academic institution’s student campus.

The incident coincided with the first day in office for the first black-skinned student government president in the history of the entity.

Several Bananas were hanged around the university by unknown actors, labeled with a racial discriminatory message “AKA FREE,” an apparent reference to Alpha Kappa Alpha, a predominantly black sorority of which Taylor Dumpson, the new student body president, is a member.

Several of the Bananas had another message that the perpetrators wanted to get across “HARAMBE BAIT,” referencing the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who was killed last May after a child fell into its enclosure.

Lack of will

“We will confront racist expressions with forceful condemnation and respond to discrimination with every tool at our disposal” said the president of the University “Neil Kerwin” in a display of discontent.

Though, Sydney Jones, 19, who heads the N.A.A.C.P. student chapter at American University criticized the administration for the lack of will and dedication to counter such initiatives, saying: “There’s a lack of genuine passion about racial issues that happen on campus. A hate crime is something extremely serious”