Sorare launches a new type of “Limited” cards for new players

NFT cards available in 1000 copies

After signing the France team and raising more than 500 million euros in funds: (not official to date), the fantasy football game Sorare, based on the Ethereum blockchain, has just announced the arrival of a new rarity in the game. This increases the number of cards per player from 111 to 1,111.

While managers could already buy player cards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs):

A new rarity has just been added:

Limited: 1,000 copies.

There are also community cards without value but distributed for free when registering for the game in order to discover it.

Welcome the New Era! 🟨 Limited 1/1000 🔥

This is a huge milestone in our history. We are now ready to welcome millions of football fans ready to experience the football connection only NFT Fantasy can bring! # OwnYourGame⚽️

Happy collecting ➡️https: //

– Sorare (@SorareHQ) August 13, 2021

How to use these new limited cards?

According to Sorare’s press release, these cards will be usable from Game Week (GW) 194, which begins on Friday August 20. The different managers will be able to use these cards to participate in Division 5. Each league being divided into five divisions, the limited cards can thus be played in:

Global All-Star League; Global League U23; Champion League Europe; Challenger Europe League; Champion League Asia; Champion League America.

Division 5 will be open for the Global All-Star for GW194 and 195, then in all tournaments from GW196.

The rules for Division 5 are as follows:

5 limited cards required; No common or rare cards are allowed; The rewards will be exclusively limited cards; Ether (ETH) rewards will be given for podium places.

Regarding Division 4, the rules and rewards remain unchanged:

No limited card can enter; 1 common card is always authorized.

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A modification of the sponsorship system

Whereas before the arrival of limited cards, anyone registering through a referral link received a rare card following the purchase of 5 cards. From now on, anyone who registers will earn a limited card following the same number of purchases, and even for their sponsor as well.

This solution is only temporary and a new, more interesting referral program is coming. This will allow the sponsors to win different card rarities depending on the number of sponsorships made.

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