South Carolina Woman Accused Of Child Neglect After Of Leaving Toddler At Wal-Mart


Police found a 2-year-boy asleep alone in a shopping cart in a Wal-Mart in SouthCarolina. His mother was later charged and arrested.

The child’s 29-year-old mother, Ashley Spivey, of Anderson, was identified and arrested in the course of the investigation.

A police report stated that several employees noticed a toddler sleeping in the game room of the Anderson store on Thursday, according to local media.

The police were later called after several attempts to locate and call the parents failed.

Police Report

While waiting for video footage in an attempt to identify the mother, officers noticed a woman watching them on the scene before she walked away, leading them to follow her after suspicions arose. Once they caught up to her, she told them that she left the child with her boyfriend and had no idea where he went.

They then proceeded to call him to the store, stating that he showed up in dirty clothes as he’d been working on cars. The boyfriend then said that Spivey had dropped him off at work and was supposed to “Bring a biscuit for her son but never came back”.

He also went on to say that Spivey had taken muscle relaxants and was acting “Abnormal and really weird.”

Investigators said that Spivey’s story kept on changing and didn’t make much sense.


After reviewing the video footage from the store, they found that Spivey had dropped off her son at Wal-marts game center at 7:27 and exited through a back door at 8:04.

She somehow ended up on the opposite side of where her son was left.

The toddler is now in custody of the boyfriends mother after passing a background check to determine if she was viable of care. It’s unknown if Spivey has retained an attorney or not in order to maintain custody of her child despite the charges against her.