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British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: There are plans to permanently deploy the two warships in Asia. After the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Japan this September.

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A statement released by the British embassy in Tokyo on July 20 said Wallace had spoken to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. It pointed out that the two countries have strategic interests in common. and is committed to maintaining stability in the region

HMS Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s newest aircraft carrier. And is in the process of launching the first world trip and participated in naval drills with the Singapore Navy at the end of July.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is on its first voyage around the world.  and will arrive in the Asia-Pacific region next month. PA Media The HMS Queen Elizabeth is on its first global launch voyage.

The US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was previously stationed in the Asia-Pacific region. but is now temporarily relocated to the Middle East. This will make the HMS Queen Elizabeth the only Western aircraft carrier in the waters. upon arrival

All of these moves are related to China’s acceleration in naval development in recent years. causing other nations to come together against Chinese influence and strengthening the might of the sea as well

BBC / Nimitz and Roosevelt return to the US The Ronald Reagan ship was temporarily moved to the Middle East.
Source: news reports from the media and navies of various countries

In addition to the Liaoning and Shandong aircraft carriers, China is reportedly building a third aircraft carrier. which, despite using a traditional propulsion system It is also equipped with an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), while a fourth Chinese aircraft carrier is being designed. It is expected to be powered by nuclear reactors on board. This is a race to close the technological gap between the Chinese Navy and the US Navy.

BBC Japanese boats

Other Asian nations such as India, Thailand and Japan also have aircraft carriers. or any form of aircraft as well But analysts say If factors such as displacement or combat potential are taken into account, Only US aircraft carriers enough to be comparable to a Chinese aircraft carrier

British Prime Minister visits the HMS Queen Elizabeth at Portsmouth. ReutersThe British Prime Minister visits the HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth.

Compare the combat capabilities of aircraft carriers.

If counting only standard aircraft carriers which can send fixed-wing fighter jets to take off and land There will be only 22 aircraft carriers in the world still in operation. Half of these belong to the United States Navy. which is technologically superior than the ships of other nations.


The reason for this is because US aircraft carriers are powered by nuclear power. making it possible to sail almost unlimited distances And can stay in the waters that are the battle zone for a long time indefinitely. The only thing that had to be added to the ship. It’s fuel for refueling fighter jets. and food for the crew which can allow supply ships to be delivered to aircraft carriers at any time



Currently, only the US and France operate nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The rest are ships powered by traditional diesel engines. This means that these ships will have to take regular breaks to refuel. For example, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning had to refuel twice. on a 3,200 km round trip between Qingdao and Hong Kong in 2017.


The HMS Queen Elizabeth It is reported to be able to travel up to 19,000 kilometers per refueling. while the INS India’s Vikramati Can go as far as 13,000 kilometers before the fuel runs out

The US and French aircraft carriers also have steam catapult systems to help fighter jets reach takeoff speeds in a short time. This will allow the aircraft to carry more fuel and weapons.

Some aircraft carriers such as the HMS Queen Elizabeth Including Chinese ships Liaoning and Shandong have ski-jump slopes to help deliver fighter jets as they take off. But such ramps are not as efficient as steam-powered ejector rails.

BBC / British ships and Russian ships

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reports that the J-15 fighter jets taking off from the Liaoning aircraft carrier It can carry a maximum payload of approximately 28,000 kilograms, while the same fighter jets that take off from the USS Ronald Reagan can carry a maximum payload of more than 45,000 kilograms, carrying more fuel and weapons. Increased combat capability and increased flying distance.

Therefore, in order to avoid the negative effects of the above limitations of ski jumping slopes, The HMS Queen Elizabeth therefore focuses primarily on short-range takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) jets.

Ski-jump ramps allow aircraft to take off with high payloads.  But it's not as good as a steam-powered ejection system. Getty Images Ski jumping ramps allow aircraft to take off by carrying heavy loads. But it’s not as good as a steam-powered ejection system.

Asia-Pacific Is the battlefield of aircraft carriers?

China, India and Thailand each have their own aircraft carriers. For example, the HTMS Chakri Naruebet was commissioned in 1997, making Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to own this type of ship. Unfortunately, the Royal Thai Navy does not have enough budget for maintenance. As a result, the HTMS may not be able to use the ship to its full potential as it was designed and built.

BBC / Thai boat, Spanish boat

Anthony Wong, a Macao-based military affairs analyst. told the BBC’s Chinese language department The case of the HTMS Chakri Naruebet is considered It was the “biggest failure” for a country with its own aircraft carrier.

India has owned and operated aircraft carriers since the country gained independence. This gives a lot of experience in the management, control and maintenance of this type of ship. But there is only one that is still in use by India.

Anthony Wong sees the role of Indian aircraft carriers as different from China’s. Because India only wants to use medium-sized ships to secure the Motherland’s borders in the Indian Ocean. It does not want to compete with China or build nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

For this reason, US aircraft carriers Therefore, it is the main focus of the Asia-Pacific region. Last year there was a period when three US ships were stationed in the region at the same time. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is already permanently stationed at the Japanese city of Yokosuka as a front-end deployment. Forward-deployed, the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Nimitz entered the South China Sea for exercise.


But now the USS Ronald Reagan has been ordered to temporarily move to the Middle East. to assist in the mission of the United States Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan Two other aircraft carriers in the South China Sea have ended their exercises. and traveled back to the United States.

The CSIS report estimates that Chinese aircraft carriers currently have relatively limited combat capabilities. even in the waters near their homes Therefore, the main purpose of these ships is to operate. It is likely to be a maneuver and a show of might only in international disputed waters.

China is currently building at least one new aircraft carrier, the US Department of Defense reports. last year said It is highly likely that the ship will be equipped with a steam-powered jet launch system. in the same way that US and French ships exist. There are also media reports that say China is also building a fourth nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

However, Anthony Wong said that maintaining the aircraft carrier’s combat capability It’s not just based on state-of-the-art equipment. But a well-trained crew also plays a very important role. This is something that money cannot buy.

He also pointed out that the United States has hundreds of years of experience managing and operating aircraft carriers. This includes face-to-face combat in real-life situations. While China has been estranged from fighting in wars for many years. Neither the Chinese navy has ever fought in a large-scale war with frequent clashes.

Anthony Wong also said, “US aircraft carriers have enormous advantages over Chinese ships in size, combat power, and strength. logistics support system In the near future, China may only use aircraft carriers to show off its might in the waters surrounding its borders. unless China builds more overseas military bases around the world.”

The white smoke on the airstrip is steam.

Getty Images The white smoke on the airstrip is water vapor from an aircraft launch system. This allows the aircraft to carry more weight.

“The Chinese Navy only has short-term political goals in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea. The Chinese aircraft carrier is in operation with four other ships planned to be built. and other amphibious warships are now sufficient.”

“Even though Chinese aircraft carriers are not nuclear powered, but will achieve the goal of fighting If they can repel the attack with the help of other armies, then they can advance from there.”


BBC Thai news published on the website News Sod is a collaboration of two news organizations.

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