South Dakota Building Collapses, One Rescued While Another Remains Trapped


A building collapsed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota today as rescue workers on on the scene searching for survivors.

One woman, 22, managed to be found and pulled out of the wreckage alive, while another individual is believed to still be trapped inside.

Woman Rescued

Sioux Falls emergency manager Regan Smith said the woman is relatively unharmed, despite minor injuries to her leg. He also mentioned that they managed to rescue a dog from the rubble as well, who was also alive and well.

Fire Rescue Chief Jim Sideras stated that the woman had been speaking to her mother on the phone whilst rescue attempts were underway.

A construction worker is believed to continue to be trapped in the rubble.


It remains unclear what caused the collapse, but the former owner of the now-vacant building, Tim Kant, told the Argus Leader, “All I know is they were taking down the old brick wall and replacing it with a two-by-six wood wall.” A cloud of dust could be seen by passersby in the area after the collapse.

Witnesses of the damage the collapse has caused say the rubble has poured over the streets, blocking the road. The building use to be a local establishment called the Copper Lounge, and was set to be converted to a Lewis Drug next year, and was currently being remodeled.

Warnings to Avoid Area

The fire department also issued a warning that the building is still at risk, and advised civilians to avoid 10th Street and Phillips Avenue. The collapse is believed to be a construction related incident, although details are still emerging.

Efforts to find and rescue the worker trapped in the rubble are still ongoing.