Student Stabs Mentor, USC Professor, In Personal Dispute


The co-director of Dornsife Cognitive Neuroimaging Center, Bosco Tjan from the University of USC was brutally stabbed and pronounced dead at the scene earlier today by a student.

The offender’s name has not been released to the public, and is set to be interviewed first on Friday night before any more details about him are to be released.

The 20 year old student is said to have put forth no opposition or struggle whilst being taken into custody. USC President C.L. Max Nikias was the one who stated the proper identification of the victim to the police.

“He just had this energy about him. Kinetic might be the word. He had a huge impact on my life,” said Chris Purington, who served as the project manager in Tjan’s laboratory.

Tjan was an old-timer at the university, having joined the faculty team back in 2001. LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar stated “We want to make clear this was not a random act. This victim was targeted by the suspect.”

USC notified the authorities about the murder late afternoon, around 4:30, and the body was found in the southwest vicinity of the campus. Multiple stab wounds were located on Tjan’s body, and on the chest.

Regardless of the atrocity on the campus, Murad Houry, who is currently a senior pre-med student had other thoughts on the matter.

His perspective on the matter was that this served as a reaffirmation about the possibility of violence occurring anywhere at any given moment, along with the newfound sentient that a student may very well reach such extreme and drastic measures.

Thus adding that this incident didn’t necessarily allow his presence on campus to feel threatened.

USC President Nikias mentioned that therapy and counseling would be offered to the students following this incident.

“As the Trojan family mourns professor Tjan’s untimely passing, we will keep his family in our thoughts,” he said.