Suitors for Kirk Cousin reduced by one


Prior to the start of 2017, an interesting struggle for Kirk Cousins raged between the Rams and the 49ers. However, Jared Goff, a Rams quarterback improved his play, up to the level of a first draft pick and Jimmy Garappolo has been brought in by Shanahan for 2018’s second-round pick. Although the Rams may yet go for Cousins coming season, it is at the point sure that the 49ers are no longer in the bid.

The development automatically places Washington at a position to gain from the trade between New England and San Francisco.

The chance of signing Cousin

This doesn’t imply that Cousins will lose out on all suitors, when in fact quarterbacks who are termed successful once above 30 do not come on the open market. But the fact that the 49ers are no longer bidding sends a subtle message and in a way makes things complicated for Cousins, making a deal with his previous employer more possible than it was earlier.

What good reason is there that would make Shanahan choose Garoppolo and not Cousins? It will be less expensive even if Garoppolo were to be indicated and as prerequisite to getting Cousins on a long term agreement, to sign on the market, Cousins.