suspected of being an arsonist, a young man lynched and burned alive (PHOTO)

While forest fires have ravaged Kabylia for a few days, the Tizi Ouzou region was the scene, Wednesday, of a terrible scene, when a suspected arsonist was lynched and burned alive, without any form of trial, by the crowd.

Photos posted on social media show particularly shocking scenes of the crowd gathered in front of a charred body. Algerian media report that the individual was apprehended by residents around Tizi Ouzou on an unregistered vehicle and was then handed over to the authorities. However, the angry mob managed to get their hands on him and do something irreparable.

It then turned out that the young man was innocent, and that he had come from Milana, to Tizi Ouzou, to participate in the fight against fires, according to several testimonies from inhabitants of his region. “It turned out that the man who was burned, a thirty-something named Jamal Bensmail, is an artist, guitarist and singer of Chaabi and Andalusian. He is from Milana and has nothing to do with the fires. He was unjustly killed, ”one can read in a Facebook post.

The Algerian authorities have not yet communicated anything on this subject. Forest fires in Algeria killed 69 people, including 28 soldiers and 38 civilians.


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