Swiss embassy asks Chinese media to remove articles “Scientists” attack the investigation of the origin of COVID-19

Swiss Embassy – On August 11, the BBC reported that the Swiss Embassy Beijing call on the Chinese media Removing articles and social media posts citing the words of a Swiss biologist The latter stated that the news was false and that the biologist did not exist.

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Many Chinese media organizations including CGTN shanghai deli and global time Presenting an opinion piece from Mr. Wilson Edwards, identified as a Swiss biologist. About the origins of COVID-19 and the independence of the World Health Organization;

Looking for Wilson Edwards, alleged 🇨🇭 biologist, cited in press and social media in China over the last several days. If you exist, we would like to meet you! But it is more likely that this is a fake news, and we call on the Chinese press and netizens to take down the posts.

— Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing (@SwissEmbChina) August 10, 2021

An article from the state-run China Daily said Wilson Edwards posted a message on his personal Facebook page: “As a biologist I’ve seen conversations over the past few months about investigating the origins of COVID-19. How were political issues made?

while the Shine website, the digital platform of Shanghai Daily Post a message on your Facebook page that “A European biologist shockingly made the claim that WHO Advisory Panel on the Investigation of Pathogens including the virus that causes the COVID-19 pandemic will become a political tool.”

Shine also stated that This biologist is concerned about the independence of the World Health Organization. and cited his own words, “U.S. obsessed with attacking China over COVID-19 investigation until the United States is reluctant to open its eyes to the information and findings.”

However, the Swiss embassy said The Facebook account was opened two weeks ago and only had 3 friends. This Facebook account is not open for social networking purposes. Additionally, there is no Swiss citizen named Wilson Edwards on the civil register. and none of the articles contained the name of such person.

“The Swiss Embassy must inform the Chinese citizens that This news is false Thank you for your interest in our country,” the Swiss embassy posted on Twitter, assuring readers that The embassy assumed that the spread of such news was in good faith. but asked the Chinese state media to remove the news or correct it.

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