Switzerland cuts off access to Cryptokitties and Sorare sites

Switzerland bans Cryptokitties and Sorare

La Gespa updated the list of sites that are blocked in the country at the beginning of October. As a reminder, this list aims to prevent foreign companies from offering gambling in the country, without them submitting to Swiss law.

It has gone relatively unnoticed so far, but two crypto projects have found themselves on this blacklist of the Swiss authority: Cryptokitties and Sorare. When you consult the list, the other sites seem to be overwhelmingly “pure” betting sites. Gespa has not communicated on the reasons that prompted it to include these two crypto projects.

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Why deny access now?

This ban is surprising, on the one hand because Switzerland is reputed to be rather “crypto-friendly”, and on the other because one may wonder why it is striking now.

As a reminder, Cryptokitties is widely considered to be the “historic” NFT project on Ethereum: it has existed since 2017. If it must be considered as falling within the domain of gambling, it is therefore the entire NFT sector that could also fall into this category. Would the Cryptopunks, Bored Apes and others have to worry then?

As for Sorare, the fantasy football game is based on collectible cards, and indeed comes closer to the definition of a gambling game. The company has been talking about it lately: it concluded a record fundraiser a month ago, and has aroused the enthusiasm of the players it represents, for example Antoine Griezmann. But of course, this is not the only collectible card game to have sparked investor enthusiasm in recent years.

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Blockchain games are talking about them right now

Still, these are just two projects among a myriad of others that could be considered similar by the Swiss authority. If it chooses to expand its criteria, an entire section of the industry could be seen as undesirable.

We note that blockchain games, which combine playful aspects and financial technologies, exist in a sometimes vague area that is not to everyone’s liking. Last week, we learned that Steam had decided to ban all games relating to cryptocurrencies … While Epic Games welcomes them with open arms. It is therefore likely that the subject will become hot in the coming months.

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