Syrian singer Sabah Fakhri bows out

Syrian artist Sabah Fakhri has passed away at the age of 88, the Information Ministry and the Syrian Artists’ Union said on Tuesday.

The deceased, a native of Aleppo in 1933, is one of the celebrities of song in Syria and the Arab world and a leading figure in oriental music.

Sabah Fakhri, whose real name is Sobhi Abu Qaws, is among the most famous singers, especially in the Arab world. He has given music concerts in many Arab and foreign countries, toured the world and performed on the most prestigious stages around the world.

From an early age, he studied singing and music in parallel with his general studies at the Institute of Music in Aleppo and then at the Institute in Damascus.

During his artistic career, he participated in many festivals in the Arab world and around the world.

He has also held several positions, including that of dean of artists, vice-president of the Union of Arab Artists and director of the Syrian Song Festival.

This tenor singer who was one of the last masters of the Alépin qoudoud repertoire, was the disciple of great figures of Arab music such as Ali Darouich, Omar Batch and Mohammad Rajab.

Mastering a vast repertoire including the great classical and contemporary Arab poets, Fakhri was considered the undisputed master of Mawwal. In 1978 he received the Gold Medal for Arab Music from Damascus.

Among his eternal works we can cite “Yā Hādī al-‘Ess / Mālek Yā Ḥelwa ya Mālek, Khamrat el-Ḥobb, Yā Ṭīra Ṭīrī, Fōg el-Nakhal, Adduka al-Mayāss, Yā Māl el-Shām, Muwashīshaḥ Ylālāl Shādī el-Alḥān, Eba’atlī Jawwāb, Ah Yā Ḥelō ”.

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