Tad Cummins, Teacher Abducts Teenager In California And Sexually Harasses Her


Sexual crimes have always occurred over the millennia recorded in the human history as it has always been a dark side in every society and in every nation.

The modern world, specifically the modern structure of the state and the legislative framework, defines, considers, prohibits and sanction various aspects of sexual actions.

The United States of America has a very strict enactment concerning any sort of sexual advancement or action made by an adult towards a minor, regardless of the circumstances or the conditions.

Sadly, the harsh sanctions imposed on those outlaws are still not enough to prevent them from committing these hideous crimes to our beloved children. Pedophiles remains a phenomenon present in the U.S, in all its different states and are looming around us every day.

Simultaneous disappearance

A 50 year old school teacher, Tad Cummins, abducted a 15-year-old high school freshman and sexually abusing her, leaving the poor girl to be now suffering from a state of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

The girl was found along-side the pedophile in North California. The family of the victim had stated that when she went missing simultaneously with the teacher’s disappearance, alarmed by his wife, no doubt was present that the scenario had to be the way it revealed to be unfolded.

Deserved Sentence

“Number one, she didn’t pack that many clothes, number two, she left her dog behind. And number three … she is very active in her youngest sister Rebecca’s life. So much so, that Rebecca would call her mommy. So, in my heart I don’t think she would have left Rebecca for a very long time” described one of her parent on the questions that were looming in their heads at the time of her disappearance.

The man is under prosecution and is expecting a sentencing ranging from 10 years to life time in prison.