Taiwan thanks the US for selling “self-propelled artillery” big lot, almost 25 billion baht

TAIWAN THANKS THE US – On August 5, AFP reported that Taiwan thanked the United States for agreeing to sell 40 mortar artillery systems in a deal worth $750 million, or nearly 25 billion baht to help Taiwan defend itself. itself from China’s aggression improved

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Taiwan’s foreign ministry said It was the first major arms sale announcement since President Joe Biden took office. In January this year and will help Taiwan maintain a stable self-defense status. including peace and stability in the region

“In the face of China’s continued military expansion and provocation, Our government will promote national defense and security with a firm intention to protect people’s lives and free and democratic way of life,” the Taiwan Foreign Ministry said.

The move comes after the U.S. State Department approved the sale of 40 M109A6 155mm self-propelled artillery systems on Wednesday, Aug. 7. which must be approved by the US Congress

Portable howitzers will be the key to deterring outside invasions. This led the Taiwanese army to fire on incoming military transport ships and shell landing beaches.

Taiwan is a self-governing and democratic territory. It is under constant threat from China. which the leaders consider This island is part of the land itself. and pledged to one day seize Taiwan by force if necessary.

The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping, the current leader. increased military pressure Fighters and bombers now survey Taiwan’s air self-defense zones almost daily. As sand dredgers increase the activity around the islands. near mainland china and the People’s Liberation Army published a simulation exercise of the Taiwan invasion.

Diplomaticly, although the US government recognizes the Chinese government over Taiwan, But there is still a legal obligation of Congress to sell weapons to Taiwan to defend itself. and never openly pledged to defend Taiwan if it was invaded. which is a policy that Unlike other treaty alliances such as Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, this “strategic ambiguity” is different.

But the United States confirmed that any changes To the status of Taiwan in the future must not act by force.

Previously, former President Donald Trump during his tenure It boosted sales of large quantities of weapons to Taiwan, including drones, missile systems and next-generation jet fighters, while contending with China on a number of issues ranging from national security investigations.

President Biden Even more open to working with China on common issues such as climate change. But it maintains most of former President Trump’s harsh policies, such as China’s human rights abuses in places such as Hong Kong and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. including threats against Taiwan

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