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A first overview of cryptocurrency in France

If the theme of cryptocurrencies is inviting more and more in our daily life, it is still difficult to understand its actors and their expectations. To decipher this ecosystem, Cryptoast joined forces with the CryptoCheck study alongside the French company Just Mining.

Through a questionnaire intended for individuals and professionals, the study aims to provide a complete overview of the world of crypto-assets in France. Who are these investors? What are their motivations and their expectations vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies? What are the most popular blockchain projects? A ten-minute survey, sweeping through all aspects of the industry.

A constantly growing ecosystem

As we learned last week from a report released by the platform Crypto.com, the number of digital asset holders worldwide has more than doubled, from 106 million in January 2021 to 221 million in June of the same year. .

Researchers at the platform found that cryptocurrency adoption has grown extremely rapidly this year. It only took four months to double the number of users. By comparison, it took nine months to go from 65 million users in May 2020 to 100 million in January 2021.

According to this same report, altcoins are the big winners from this adoption. Do investors support projects out of ambition or only out of speculation? What is the average investment time horizon? And the number of cryptocurrencies held by the French?

In order to bring more visibility to the ecosystem, we invite you to participate in this study anonymously. The results will then be the subject of a complete file to be published in September 2021.

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