Tattoo removalist removes breast cancer survivors’ marks after losing her mother to cancer


Some survivors of breast cancer like to bare their radiation dots to show survival, others like to have it removed as they celebrate a clean bill of health.

The fast-growing battle of breast cancer just made its way to Jayme Moses’ home, a tattoo removalist, and she has announced the free removal of tats on survivors during the Breast Cancer Awareness month scheduled to be in October.

Jayme Moses said her mother died from breast cancer some 12 years ago, and that has motivated her to help in such cases. When undergoing different radiation stages and therapies, patients are given marks to spot treatment fields. These marks are like the tattoo with the size of a freckle. During such treatments, some dots are made, and in some cases, another set of dots may be required.

Why the permanent marks?

These permanent marks are vital to making patients bath daily without running the risk of removal of any mark that indicates the region where the radiation therapy is to be delivered.

Moses began her business; Diminish Tattoo Removal Taranaki based in New Plymouth said she feels honored helping women get rid of the constant reminder of the battle they went through. She says she understands the rough roads these ladies have passed through, and she wants to give something in return.

The research manager at Breast Cancer Foundation, Adele Gautier said the battle of breast cancer was an individual experience, as such; and the effects of the radiation may linger depending on the survivors. She added that some people would like to retain the reminder, and others would want to ditch the memory and have the dots removed. Those are small dots but are always obvious whenever you look into the mirror, and some would like to live in the past.

Moses said the removal process takes just some seconds, but a little more time is spent setting up the equipment. After the first consultation, Moses applied the numbing cream and removed the marks, but said may cause a little discomfort.