Tech Leaders Gather Together to Denounce Trump’s Travel Ban


As U.S. President Donald Trump signed the executive order for the immigrant travel ban to be enforced, tech leaders have assembled to denounce his new policies.

America’s top four tech companies had warned their employees about the travel ban that was to take place.

Top leaders of the tech industries have condemned President Trump’s travel ban, since several of their entrepreneurs who have greatly contributed to their success are born outside the United States.

The controversial travel ban is said to affect at least 134 million people who plan to enter the United States.

As Real As It Gets

One such tech company that had been affected was Google, who warned several of their employees from cancelling any of their plans for travelling overseas if they hold an American visa or a green card.

In the memo they released they had stated to their employees to not travel until the travel ban has been removed.

They added then that although the ban is enforced for at least 90 days, it may suddenly be extended without any prior warning.

Several Concerns

Google has stated that bans on such immigrants prevents valuable talent for contribution from being available within the United States.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple meanwhile has also expressed his concerns over the travel ban, stating that he does not approve of the ban President Trump has set forth.

Mr. Cook said that if it wasn’t for immigrants in the first place, the company of Apple would not reach the success it has today and would not prosper.

“There are employees at Apple who are directly affected by yesterday’s immigration order,” Mr. Cook stated.

Satya Nadella, who runs the Company of Microsoft has announced that they will assist all of the employees within their company who have been affected by the travel ban as well.