Tesco Bank customers fall victim to fraud


Thousands of customers at Tesco Bank have been targeted by cyber criminals, with a number saying hundreds of pounds have gone missing from their account.
Tesco account customers have taken to social media to complain that money seems to have disappeared from their accounts, and that their cards have been blocked.
Customer Christopher Mills on Twitter said: “@tescobankhelp @tescobanknews My available balance has gone down by £700 without making a tx. I cannot get through by phone!!!”
Another customer tweeted that they now had no money to pay for their children’s school dinner money in the morning.
The bank has confirmed that its fraud busting systems have “identified suspicious activity on a number of customer accounts”.
As a precaution, some customers’ cards were immediately blocked from use to try to prevent any further fraudulent activities.
Tesco said card holders involved will still be able to access their account and their money through online banking.
While no specific number has yet been given, Tesco Bank says that thousands of customers have been affected, although not more than 10,000.
The bank has now sent alerts to all customers who may have been affected and are urging anyone with concerns to get in touch.
Some customers, however, say they have already lost hundreds of pounds from their accounts.
Alan Baxter, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, says he has lost £600, meaning he now has just £21.88 in his bank account.
He said: “Tesco said they couldn’t offer me emergency funds but would offer £25 as a goodwill gesture.
“I’ve got food and petrol to pay for. I have a delivery of coal coming tomorrow for our coal-fired heater and I won’t be able to pay.”
Another customer said £500 had gone from one of his Tesco accounts, and £20 from another.
Under Financial Conduct Authority regulations, a bank must refund any unauthorised payments straight away, unless they can prove that the customer was the one at fault, or the payment was more than 13 months ago.
Tesco Bank once started life as a joint venture with Royal Bank of Scotland in 1997, but is now wholly owned by Tesco plc.
The firm offers a wide range of personal banking products, including credit cards, personal loans, savings, mortgages and general insurance.
The bank has more than seven million customer accounts and 4,000 staff, based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

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