The ambassador’s daughter was beheaded. Great family craftsmanship The case shook up Pakistani society – fresh news

Ambassador’s daughter beheaded – CNN reports shocking Pakistani case The trend sparked calls for reform of the law protecting women’s rights again. When a diplomat’s daughter is murdered by a powerful heir and beheaded

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Nur Mukadam, 27, was killed on July 20, 2021. The accused is Zahir Jaffer, 30, the son of a powerful family in Pakistan. A brutal attack took place in a house in Block 7, a wealthy neighborhood in Islamabad.

(AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

Police arrested Jaffer at the scene and charged him with assault. before turning to kill by thinking But the motive for the shocking of Mr. Jaffer is unknown.

Jaffer’s parents The heir to Pakistan’s oldest family business and owner of several large companies was also arrested and charged with concealing evidence and inciting others to commit a crime. But both were released on bail. The lawyers for the two said the client condemned the act and did not take the side of the son.

The ambassador's daughter was beheaded.

Female victim murdered in luxury villa / CNN

For the family of the deceased, Chowkat Mukadam, Pakistani diplomat and former Pakistani ambassador to South Korea and Ireland. said the daughter was born in Jordan. She is an artist and a gentle woman who loves animals and brings laughter to her family.

The ambassador’s daughter was beheaded, the case sparked.

Back on July 19, Mukadam and his wife went shopping before Eid. when returning home in the evening I didn’t see my daughter, so I called. But I can’t contact because my daughter’s cell phone is switched off.

People carry signs against the killing of Noor Mukadam, 27, daughter of former Pakistani diplomat, and to condemn the violence against women and girls during a protest in Karachi, Pakistan July 25, 2021. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

The police said Ms Noor phoned her parents that night and said she was traveling to Lahore with her friends.

the next afternoon The Mukadams were informed by Jaffer that Ms Noor was not with him. But after several hours Police called Ms Noor murdered and invited Mukadam to the police station. before taking him to identify his daughter at the Jaffer family home.

The case prompted Pakistanis to use the hashtag on Twitter. #JusticeforNoor or #JusticeforNoor And fundraising through the website GoFundMe to raise almost $50,000 in legal proceedings fees, or about 1,600,000 baht, because the judicial process is expected to take a long time. Despite the strong circumstance and clear forensic evidence

The ambassador's daughter was beheaded.

People laid flowers at a vigil for Noor Mukadam in Sialkot, Pakistan. / CNN

Win the council to pass the law against domestic violence

A Human Rights Watch report last year said violence against women is a serious problem in Pakistan.

The 2017-18 Pakistan Public Health and Population Survey found that 28 percent of women aged 15-49 had been physically abused by the age of 15.

But the real figure may be higher because many are reluctant to call the police because it is considered a male-dominated cultural practice.

The poster depicting Noor is covered by a black banner. reflecting conflicts with women

Sahar Buniel, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, said domestic violence is not a personal matter between spouses and families. He said Pakistan does not have a national law to protect women. Unless some provinces have their own laws.

While Ms. Nikat Dad, a lawyer and founder of the Digital Rights Foundation, said top-down policies are a system that prevents survivors from prosecuting and that the process has repeatedly affected victims.

Women’s rights activists place candles and flowers beside posters with the pictures of Noor Mukadam, who was recently beheaded, July 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

One hope to alleviate the suffering of Pakistani women is a bill to protect women from domestic violence, which would impose penalties on perpetrators of fines or imprisonment for abusing women, children or the vulnerable.

The bill was passed in the House of Representatives on April 19 and the Senate on June 21. If the president approves it, it will be made into law.

If passed as a law, it will be used to protect children. Women and vulnerable groups in Islamabad

The big obstacle must pass the Islamic Council.

A parliamentary spokesman announced in early July that the Islamic Council would first consider the bill. That could be a big obstacle. This leaves lawyers and activists desperate whether the Islamic Council will use its influence to veto the bill. Since the Islamic Council has all-male members and in 2016 it passed a bill allowing men. “Lightly beaten” his wife

Pakistanis in Ms Noor’s hometown protested and held a memorial service. Light a white candle and place a rose around the picture of Ms. Noor.

A women’s rights activist places a candle beside a poster during a candle light vigil to pay tribute to Noor Mukadam . (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

Then there were protests in many cities around the world. Both Dublin in Ireland Los Angeles New York City in the US London in England and the city of Toronto in Canada to commemorate Ms Noor and her opposition to the killing of women in Pakistan

Ms. Noor’s sister, Sara Mukadam, said she is a good person who wants to change the world in which she and others are. Hopefully, Ms. Noor’s departure will eventually lead to change.

Ms Noor’s father said the case was not only the murder of his daughter. But Pakistanis want justice for all Pakistani daughters.


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